More Narcissistic Shenanigans 

More Narcissistic Shenanigans
Divorce still not final. Clever wording by his attorney in the final papers was caught by me. I refused to sign until changes are made. This pisses off my attorney because he wants to close this soon and get his money. If he worked properly, represented me fairly, it WOULD be over by now and he would get paid. But I am doing so much of this on my own, and with the help of a best friend. “Whatever” has become an overused word in my vocabulary. 
Asshat continues to date the woman our marriage finally crumbled over. She lives in Florida so he has made frequent trips there, which affects our shared parenting. And I just have to be flexible because while it really is hard to have my own social life, I love my kids. If I protest to all these changes? If I do, the kids will feel unwanted by both parents and that is not true. I want them. I always have. I’m just being real in that it is hard for me. I refuse the label of “victim” but it is really hard to not feel like one. Being a good wife and mother? Devoting my life? Then being shamed and humiliated and lied to and abused in the marriage. Leaving. And I’m still getting screwed. The court system there is biased and on his side. I still believe his attorney has connections there and is using those to screw me over. But again, I can’t fight an entire county without looking crazy so I just keep giving in. I want this marriage over as quickly as possible. It’s already been more than a year since I moved out and filed for divorce. 
Asshat’s most recent shenanigans? He told our oldest daughter who graduates HS this June, that “if” he had a job opportunity in Florida, she could stay in the house here and pay him rent after she graduates, or would she want to live with me? She thinks this is all hypothetical. I can’t believe she does not see what he is doing. And I’m just sitting here waiting for the shit-storm to rain down when she sees it’s not hypothetical but it’s real and it will happen. Me? I want him as far away from us as possible but not at the expense of my children’s well-being. We still have two younger children together. How will they NOT feel abandoned by him? How will they NOT feel he has chosen this woman and her two kids over them? 
It really never ends. Whatever.