Let us call my soon-to-be-ex “Fucktard” for the purposeof keeping this nameless. It fits him better anyways.

I had a court ordered mediation today.

The best part of my day? It wasn’t being humiliated in front of Fucktard, his attny and the mediator while my attorney asked me when I was having the appraisal review done. I already had this done and messaged my attorney about it, last Thursday. I had to tell this to my attorney in front of everyone, showing just how poor the communication is between my attorney and I. It also was not when I had to ask my attorney in front of everyone if he received the medical and orthodontic bills I’ve paid, (he hesitated showing me and everyone he either couldn’t remember or he didn’t bother opening the email containing them that I sent weeks ago) showing where the combined withdrawals have gone as Fucktard sat there with bank statements telling them I’ve withdrawn near 10k since January, but didn’t say that was tax refund and gainsharing money, half mine that he told me to take. It wasn’t when I tried to explain this and was interrupted by Fucktard talking over me and my not being allowed to finish speaking. It was not even when I was left alone with Fucktard multiple times when I specifically wrote on my private form that I’m afraid of him and do not wish to be alone so mediation must be constantly supervised and attorneys must be present. I had to sit with Fucktard and the mediator and discuss how divide up assets that I clearly needed legal representation to decipher. My attorney and Fucktard’s were conferring in another room regarding spousal support which I’m
still not receiving. It was not being lectured by this new mediator about how we must get along for the kids and adhere to the parenting plan that he violated just this past weekend. It was not being told he should be able to fight for the he tv and computer that my mother bought me and the kids and if I want them, the court will likely make us sell them and I would get $100 because Fucktard researched their depreciated values and each were only valued at about $100. It wasn’t when I explained I’ve asked for nearly nothing out of that home and when I finally move out of my mother’s house, I have nearly nothing to furnish a new place with. I pointed out all he was keeping but I was told he lives there and there are emotions attached to belongings and he should have a say in what he wants and he will incur costs to replace any items I take. It wasn’t being forced to go to the bank with Fucktard afterwards to have him sign off of our joint checking and savings accounts and watching him obtain savings account statements from April 2015 to date and not having clue why. No. None of those. It was getting home to my mother yelling at me because she was supposed to drive my nephew to school and have the car but he drove himself and left her without a car. And that was my fault. And then she said I did not look like today went well and when I briefly explained, she reminded me just how terrible I am at picking men, attorneys included. And when I asked her to back off because I had just spent my day getting bullied and having her remind me how stupid I am was not helping, she got upset and ran off.


3 thoughts on “Fucktard

  1. Kindhart I haven’t been able to even start the legal finalization of our marriage because my husband went ghost. He left me with nothing food, money or transportation. I’m just trying to rebuild from scratch. This was to be the time of my life that I reap the benefits of all the hard work of raising a family & building our lives, instead I’m trying to figure out life. I thought that when I left him (or he left me) that I could move on and start a better life. What I didn’t know was that I would suffer from all the abuse with triggers and recently being diagnosed with PTSD, being afraid of every noise I hear. I live in a state of hypervigilance. I didn’t know that I would fight just to be normal “a new normal”. My husband seem to always have the upper hand even when his hands are dirty. I hope that you hold on find the strength & fight for what you deserve.

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    • I am so much better now. And you might have read in my blog that I needed to apply for government assistance because he did not help and took away all the money. It took me two years to save enough for a lawyer.

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      • My husband took all the money too, I did apply for government assistance with food. I was baby sitting a family member’s baby making enough money to keep my lights and water on, but she recently moved. So now I’m back to trying to refigure things. In my local county there is a program that I qualify for, for a free divorce but it’s strictly a straight divorce. When I spoke with an attorney I was told it was so much in money involved that I really needed a forensic accountant to track down all the money and hidden assets. I don’t know when I’ll be able to hire an attorney. My brother had promised me that he would pay for an attorney to get it started but he never did, so a lot of people that have made promises have not kept them but that’s okay I’m going to make it one way or the other, I’m going to make it I just know I am. I did not survive all the things that that man did to me not to make it I’m going to make it I feel as if God has a purpose for me to maybe do what you are doing,.. help other people.
        I’ve just got to get a steady job to do so.


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