You Can Not Ever Ever Unring A Bell

We told the kids Saturday evening that we are divorcing. Monday we call the attorney. I am a wreck. I can hardly speak. 

If I could describe how I felt upon seeing the looks on their faces as we shared this news: 

I equate it with hearing my brother say he was sorry when my dad died and I did not believe him as we stood there in the hospital parking lot. But then I saw my dad’s body in the hospital on the cold metal table. With my eyes, I saw my father, laying there lifeless, and I knew it was true. It hurts that bad. 

This is a bell my husband and I can not unring. We can never untell this news to the kids. We can not erase this from memory and try again. 

I’ve checked on them several time this evening. They all appear to be peacefully sleeping. (It’s 4 am now). I only pray their dreams are filled with good things. Or that they just don’t dream tonight at all. 


4 thoughts on “You Can Not Ever Ever Unring A Bell

  1. Heidi says:

    Everything will be okay. Everyone will be okay. Slowly, and with better days and not-so-good-days, but it will get better. You can do this. You raised very strong, good children and they, too, will be okay. You. Can. Do. This.

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  2. MEliz says:

    Heidi said everything I was going to say, so I’m just going to give you a big hug and tell you I concur with her. I’m so very, very sorry for what you’re going through.

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