Just When You Think The Stress Can’t Get Any Worse…

One of my kids said they are thinking of suicide if I divorce my husband. How am I supposed to process and deal with that? Well. Therapy for this kid ASAP for one. Two? I have no idea. My kids are mad that I’m staying, they’re mad when I plan to leave. I really have no idea what to do. I’m a mess right now. An ever lovin’ mess. 


4 thoughts on “Just When You Think The Stress Can’t Get Any Worse…

  1. foreverchanged2014 says:

    Definitely therapy for your children. Sorry you are going through this, but children need to understand that staying or leaving is an adult decision. My husband wanted a divorce because he was way into his affair and thought that would be easier then telling me about it. I made a decision then for us to tell our girls. As I fought for my marriage alone he came to his senses and decided he wanted his family and we are now still in the process of reconciling. Ultimately when your children are grown and gone you have to be able to live and love as husband and wife. So if you can’t see that you can spend the rest of your life and forgive and work together through this then you must do what’s best for you and only you. My girls were a wreck at the beginning of the mess my husband made in our marriage, but they now see new parents who are working at staying together because they love each other. They saw a mother with so much love for their Dad that she was willing to stay and work through the pain of their father’s infidelity. It is much easier to walk away, staying isn’t for the weak.


    • Sadly, my marital issues are so much more than just the affair.i really believe marriages can survive affairs. In my case, I believed that and I tried. But he continues to lie and hide things from me. And he still contacts the other woman. He wants to stay married for financial reasons only.
      I am glad things are working out for you. And that your girls are doing better.


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